Address Manager GraphQL API - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Address Manager v9.4.0 introduces a new experimental GraphQL API.

Warning: The BlueCat Address Manager GraphQL API is an experimental feature, and may change or disappear in the future without further notice.
Note: We encourage you to submit feedback about the current implementation, and suggestions about the future of this project! Please use the Send feedback button for this topic (quote button next to topic heading) to submit feedback about GraphQL.

Harness the power and flexibility of GraphQL to fetch Address Manager data simply and efficiently. Address Manager GraphQL functionality is not intended or planned for large data set retrieval. It is meant to improve efficiency in the retrieval of small but relevant data when needed. This feature is in incubation and may change or disappear in the future without further notice.

Address Manager v9.4.0 includes a GraphQL API Lab built in to the user interface, where users can experiment with queries and view results from a single-pane. The built-in Documentation Explorer provides endpoint and query information, instructions for usage with curl and python, and a series of lessons to familiarize users with GraphQL in an Address Manager context. The Lab also allows users to Ctrl/Cmd-click (or hover over) elements of the query to bring up associated dynamic documentation.

To access the GraphQL API Lab and Documentation Explorer, navigate to the Administration tab in the Address Manager user interface. Under Data Management, select GraphQL API Lab.

GraphQL Endpoint: