GET /v1/getAliasesByHint - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity


Returns an array of CNAMEs with linked record name.
Note: This API method supports read-only API sessions. For more information on read-only API sessions and a list of API methods that support read-only API session, refer to Read-only API sessions.


Name Description

Location: query

Type: integer (int32)

indicates the maximum of child objects that this method will return. The value must be less than or equal to 10.

Location: query

Type: string

a string containing options. The supported options are hint and retrieveFields. Separate multiple options with a pipe character. For example:
If the hint option is not specified in the string, searching criteria will be based on the same as zone alias. The following wildcards are supported in the hint option.
  • ^ —matches the beginning of a string. For example: ^ex matches ex ample but not t ex t.
  • $ —matches the end of a string. For example: ple$ matches exam ple but not ple ase.
  • ^ $ —matches the exact characters between the two wildcards. For example: ^example$ only matches example.
  • ? —matches any one character. For example: ex?t matches ex i t.
  • * —matches one or more characters within a string. For example: ex*t matches exit and ex cellen t.
The default value for the retrieveFields option is set to false. If the option is set to true, user-defined field will be returned. If the options string does not contain retrieveFields, user-defined field will not be returned.

Location: query

Type: integer (int32)

indicates where in the list of objects to start returning objects. The list begins at an index of 0.


Code Description

Type: Array of APIEntity

Returns an array of Alias APIEntity objects.