Unlink entities for user-defined link - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

Remove the link between the specified source and destination Address Manager entities.

API method: PUT /v1/unlinkEntitiesEx


    "linkType": "UniqueLinkTypeName",
    "sourceEntityId": 81253,
    "destinationEntityId": 23125
Example (with description)
    "linkType": "UniqueLinkTypeName",
    "description": "Description for the link",
    "sourceEntityId": 81253,
    "destinationEntityIds": [23125, 23126]
  • linkType—enter a unique name for the user-defined link.
    • You cannot enter a name that is a reserved link type name. For a list of reserved link type names, refer to Reference: Reserved link type names.
    • You cannot enter a name that begins with the prefix "BCN_".
  • description—(optional) enter a description for the user-defined link.
  • sourceEntityId—enter the source entity ID.
  • destinationEntityId— enter the destination entity ID.
  • destinationEntityIds— enter one or more destination entity IDs comma-separated inside square brackets. For example,
    "destinationEntityIds": [objectID1, objectID2, ..., objectIDN]