Handling dotted resource records - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

The resource record adder includes two new property parameters, namely, parentZoneName and linkedParentZoneName. Both parameters should be absolute names. The record absolute name must end with the zone absolute name; otherwise an exception is thrown, and an error message appears. Record name is not subset of parent zone: abc.bcn.example.com.

Note: The linkedParentZoneName parameter must be used only for adding or updating the linked records for CName, MX and SRV records.
The parentZoneName parameter refers to a destination zone for the record to be added to, and applies to all resource record you add. This parameter makes it possible to support dot-separated record names. For example, an API user can add a resource record named abc.xyz.example.com to the zone example.com.
Note: You should not use parentZoneName when updating records, because you cannot change the parent zone of a record. If you try to do this an exception is thrown.

Example 1:

Suppose the zone example.com has a dot separated host record abc.xyz. A user add a sub-zone called xyz, and then adds a host record abc to this sub-zone. There are now two host records named abc.xyz.example.com.

If an API user wants to link a CName record to abc.xyz.example.com, the linked record will be the one located in the sub-zone, because the user cannot link the record to the one in the parent zone. To allow API users to choose whatever parent zone they want, use the linkedParentZoneName parameter.
Note: Use this parameter with CName, MX and SRV records. It cannot be used as metadata fields for these records. If this parameter is used in updating other resource records, an error occurs.

Example 2:

An API entity CName abcName.example.com has the following property string:
An API user wants to change the linked record name to abc.bcn.example.com. The user applies the following updates to the property string:
 linkedParentZoneName=example.com|absoluteName=abcName.example.com|ttl=123|linkedRec ordName=abc.bcn.example.com|

If the API user does not use the linkedParentZoneName parameter, Address Manager chooses the internal host record or alias record if it exists; otherwise it chooses the external host record for the linked record.