Changes in Behavior - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Address Manager API v9.4.0 includes the following changes:

  • The getSystemInfo API has been enhanced to include support for read-only API sessions.
  • The following API methods have been updated to include an additional optional parameter named description:
    • addUserDefinedLink
    • getUserDefinedLink
    • updateUserDefinedLink
    • linkEntitiesEx
  • The following API methods have been extended to allow a list of target destinations to create multiple links from the same source:
    • linkEntitiesEx
    • unlinkEntitiesEx
  • The getLinkedEntities API has been enhanced to return each IPv4 object type that is linked to an IPv4 template when the entity ID of an IPv4 template is passed as a parameter.
  • The following API methods have been updated to return the object ID of the linked IPv4 template in the properties field when IPv4 object information is passed in the parameters:
    • getEntitiesByNameUsingOptions
    • getEntitiesByName
    • getEntities
    • getEntityByCIDR
    • getEntityById
    • getEntityByName
    • getEntityByRange
  • The configureServerServices API has been updated to include support for configuring the DNS Statistics and DHCP Statistics service configuration. The Anycast BGP schema now also includes a routerId key for entering the IPv4 address of the BGP router.
  • When using the configureStreamingReplication API method to configure database replication, the Address Manager servers to be configured with database replication must have matching IP address configurations. For example, all Address Manager servers must all be configured with IPv4 addresses only, IPv6 addresses only, or in dual-stack with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    Attention: If you have database replication configured with mixed IP configurations, such as an Address Manager server with IPv4 only addresses in replication with an Address Manager server with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in dual-stack, the secondary Address Manager server will no longer be in replication upon upgrading to Address Manager v9.4.0.

    If your secondary Address Managers are no longer in replication after upgrading to Address Manager v9.4.0, you must reconfigure the secondary Address Manager so that the IP address configuration matches the configuration of the primary Address Manager (IPv4 only, IPv6 only, or dual-stack) and re-enable replication.

  • The activeServerNewIPv4Address property of createXHAPair is now optional (IPv6-only environments).
  • The pingAddress property of createXHAPair has been modified to support IPv6 addresses.
  • To mitigate delays and timeouts when retrieving xHA server objects, an includeHA parameter has been added to the following methods (REST only). Setting this flag to false will retrieve a basic server object without polling the paired servers for advanced xHA information. The property is optional and set to true by default.
    • getEntities
    • getEntityByName
    • getEntityById
    • getParent
    • searchByCategory
    • searchByObjectTypes
    • getEntitiesByName
    • getEntitiesByNameUsingOptions
    • getLinkedEntities
    • customSearch