Network template and IPv4 template generic methods - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Update, retrieve, and delete network templates and IPv4 templates using generic methods.

API methods

Update the network template and IPv4 template name: PUT /v1/update

Get a list of network templates and IPv4 templates: GET /v1/getEntities

Get a list of IPv4 objects linked to an IPv4 template: GET /v1/getLinkedEntities
Note: The getLinkedEntities API only returns a single object type that is linked to an object. To retrieve a list of each IPv4 objects linked to an IPv4 template, you must make multiple getLinkedEntities API calls and specify each IPv4 object type. For example:
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Network
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Block
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=IP4Address
GET http://<bam_ip_or_hostname>/Services/REST/v1/getLinkedEntities?count=20&start=0&entityId=<ip4_template_id>&type=DHCP4Range

Delete the network template and IPv4 template: DELETE /v1/delete