DNS views - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Address Manager treats all DNS structures as views. Address Manager creates the default view clause in the named.conf files and then creates additional Views as needed to add customized DNS response groups to the structure.

Each view is a child of a configuration object. Beneath the views are zones, which can contain sub-zones or resource records. All views can be associated with an Access Control List (ACL) to filter client requests and provide different sets of DNS information in response to requests from different clients. BIND views and Address Manager views are the same. Views in Address Manager use the same IP address to deliver different DNS services to different clients depending on their IP address. In an Address Manager configuration, you can add views for each client group that requires filtering against an ACL.

Address Manager differs from standard implementations of views in the area of zone transfers. Address Manager only assigns a single IP address for DNS to a managed server. To send notifications to a secondary server to request a zone transfer, DNS/DHCP Servers recognize each other through the use of TSIG keys. The TSIG keys enable each DNS/DHCP Server appliance to be dealt with on an individual basis with high security, in terms of data integrity and authentication. Address Manager handles all of the implementation details for these advanced features while providing views-based service on a single port and on a single address.