GET /v1/getEntityByName - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager


Returns an object from the database referenced by its name field.


Name Description

Location: query

Type: boolean

An optional boolean flag for REST calls that sets the level of detail when retrieving xHA pair server objects. Polling the xHA status of paired servers during a search can cause delays, or connection timeouts if a server is unreachable. When the parameter is set to true, the returned xHA server object will include details for the xHA status of the nodes. When set to false, the returned xHA server object will include only basic information without polling xHA status of the servers. The default value if omitted is true.

Location: query

Type: string

The name of the target object.

Location: query

Type: integer (int64)

The ID of the target object’s parent object.

Location: query

Type: string

The type of object returned by the method. This string must be one of the constants listed in Object types.


Code Description

Type: APIEntity

Returns an object that matches the name. If there are multiple objects matching the name, the method returns the first in the list. An object with null values is returned if there are no matching objects.