Export entities - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Export an octet stream of entities to be transformed into JSON by an API client, saved as a file, or exported to a different system.

API method: GET /v1/exportEntities

Sample selectCriteria JSONs

Example 1 - search selector
Example 2 - get_entitytree selector (retrieving all entities that match type and their descendants)
Example 3 - get_entitytree selector (retrieving only direct descendants of startEntity that match type)
{"selector":"get_entitytree","startEntityId":1283641,"types":"IP6Block,IP6Network, IP6Address","children_only":true}
selectCriteria Parameters
  • selector—enter one of the following options for entity selection.
    • search—search entities using a keyword (same behaviour as keyword search in GET /v1/searchByObjectTypes)
    • get_entitytree—retrieve entities and children based on types and object IDs
  • keyword—for use with the search selector. Return results that match specified keyword and provided type(s), or use "*" to retrieve all entities for the provided type(s).
  • startEntityId—for use with the get_entitytree selector. Provide the integer object ID for a specific entity to retrieve the entity and all of its descendants that match type(s) (unless children_only is set to true). Default value is 1, the value to retrieve all entities and descendants that match the provided type(s).
  • children_only—(optional) for use with the get_entitytree selector. Set parameter to boolean value of true to return only the children of startEntityId (startEntityId and descendants beyond startEntityId's immediate children will not be returned). If parameter is not provided or set to false, results will include startEntityId and all descendants (children of children and so on, recursively).
  • types—enter the types of entity to retrieve. Type(s) must be from Reference: exportEntities supported types
  • additionalExportFields—(optional) add this parameter with a value of parentId to include the parent ID of objects in the response.
    Note: The 9.4.1 patch must be applied to use the additionalExportFields parameter.