Allow Notify - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity
The Allow Notify deployment option can be set at the following levels:
  • Configuration
  • Server group
  • Server
  • View
  • Zone
  • IP block
  • IP network

To configure the Allow Notify option:

  1. Navigate to the configuration, IP block, IP network, view, or zone in which you want to allow zone change notifications.
  2. Select the Deployment Options tab.
  3. Under Deployment Options, click New and select DNS Option.
  4. Under General, select Allow Notify from the Option drop-down menu. The following three parameters will be populated:
    • IP Address or name—allows to send notify messages based on IPv4 or IPv6 blocks or individual IP addresses. Name presents legacy support for named ACLs before full support for ACL was added.
    • Key—allows zone transfer based on a TSIG key.
    • ACL—allows zone transfer to configured ACLs.
      Note: When Key or ACL is selected, the Exclusion check box will appear. Select the Exclusion check box to add an exclusion to a DNS ACL or TSIG key.
  5. Under Servers, select the servers to which the option will apply:
    • All Servers—applies the deployment option to all servers in the configuration.
    • Server Group—applies the deployment option to a specific server group in the configuration. Select a server group from the drop-down menu.
    • Specific Server—applies the deployment option to a specific server in the configuration. Select a server from the drop-down menu.
    Note: The Allow Notify deployment option should be set for each Secondary.
  6. Click Add, or click Add Next to add another deployment option.