Bulk DNS updates - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Create or update DNS resource records in bulk from a comma-separate value (CSV) file created outside of Address Manager.

Bulk DNS updates make it easy to import data maintained in spreadsheets or other text-based files. You can perform bulk updates at the view or zone level. For views, you perform bulk updates from the Zones tab. For zones, you perform bulk updates from the Resource Records tab.

The resource records are described in a CSV file that you upload to Address Manager. Address Manager reviews the changes in the file and flags any errors found in the file. You can then correct the errors on the Review updates page before applying the changes to Address Manager. The bulk DNS updates function can add, update, or delete the following types of resource records:
  • A—Host records (IPv4)
  • AAAA—Host records (IPv6)
  • CNAME—Alias records
  • MX—Mail Exchanger records
  • SRV—Service records
  • HINFO—Host Info records
  • TXT—Text records
  • NAPTR—Naming Authority Pointer records
  • GENERIC—supported Generic records include: A6, AFSDB, APL, CAA, CERT, DHCID, DNAME, DS, IPSECKEY, ISDN, KEY, KX, LOC, MB, MG, MINFO, MR, NS, NSAP, PTR, PX, RP, RT, SINK, SPF, SSHFP, TLSA, WKS, and X25.
    Note: The A6 record type has been moved to Historic status per RFC 6563, and is planned for removal in a future release.
Note: When performing a bulk DNS update, if there are normal resource records (such as Host and CNAME) and external host records using the same FQDN, the normal resource records take precedence over external host records and are used to create link records such as CNAME, SRV, and MX.