DHCP vendor profiles and options - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Vendor profiles are sets of DHCP options required by particular devices. For example, a VoIP phone might need a very specific set of DHCP options.

Vendor options are available in Address Manager in the same locations as other DHCP deployment options and are assigned as deployment options.

DHCP Vendor options are the deployment options specific to a client vendor type and allows the DHCP client and server to exchange vendor-specific information.

To add DHCP Vendor options, you must first create a vendor profile and define a vendor option.

A vendor profile is the container in which the DHCP Vendor options are stored. A single vendor profile contains several DHCP Vendor options, all of which can be sent to a specific type of device such as an IP handset. After the vendor profile is created and populated with the appropriate option definitions, the options themselves can be set at the appropriate level within Address Manager.

You can add DHCP vendor deployment options at these levels:
  • Configuration
  • Server group
  • Server
  • IPv4 block
  • IPv4 network
  • DHCPv4 range
  • DHCP reserved address
The types of options that you can define are:
  • IPv4 Address
  • Text
  • Unsigned Integer 8bit
  • Signed Integer 8bit
  • Unsigned Integer 16bit
  • Signed Integer 16bit
  • Unsigned Integer 32bit
  • Signed Integer 32bit
  • Boolean
  • IPv4 mask
  • String