Forcibly resetting database replication - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

This section describes how to forcibly reset database replication in critical situations where the Primary Address Manager server is offline or the GUI is inaccessible.

As described in Breaking and resetting database replication, the preferred method to gracefully break and reset replication of Address Manager servers is by first performing a break operation using the Primary server's GUI, followed by an Administration Console reset of Standby servers.

In critical and unexpected circumstances, the Primary Address Manager server may be offline, or inaccessible by the web GUI. In the event that the Primary Address Manager server is offline, the Standby servers can be returned to stand-alone operation by resetting replication on each server in the Administration Console as detailed below. In the event that the Primary Address Manager server cannot be accessed by the web GUI, but is accessible by the Administration Console, the Administration Console can be used to reset replication on both the Primary and Standby Address Manager servers. The Administration Console steps for resetting replication are the same for Primary and Standby servers, and must be performed on each server individually, as detailed below:

Note: Resetting database replication on the Primary server via Administration Console is only necessary if you are unable to break replication using the Primary server's web GUI, as detailed in Breaking and resetting database replication.

To reset database replication on an Address Manager server:

  1. Connect to the Address Manager Administration Console on the server you want to reset. For instructions on how to connect to the Administration Console, refer to Using the Administration Console.
  2. Log in as the administrator.
  3. From Main Session mode, type configure database and press ENTER. The Proteus prompt changes.
  4. Type reset replication, and press ENTER.
  5. Type yes and press ENTER to confirm the replication reset. The following message appears when the server is set to standalone mode: Reset replication successful: now a standalone server
Database replication is now disabled on the server, and the server retains its replicated copy of the database.
Note: After resetting replication via the Administration Console, scheduled deployment on the server is disabled.
Note: After resetting replication, BlueCat recommends performing a full deployment to all managed DNS/DHCP Servers.