Resolving upgrade warnings and failures - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

After applying the upgrade, the Address Manager server automatically restarts and Address Manager will indicate that the update has completed and prompts you to return to the login screen. However, if there are issues, Address Manager displays a banner on the login screen that indicates that there are upgrade warnings.

To determine what caused the upgrade warnings, you must log in as root to the Address Manager Administration Console, and review the warning messages in the /var/log/upgrade_warnings.log file. Once you have resolved the upgrade warnings, you must rename the /var/log/upgrade_warnings.log file to ensure that the banner isn't displayed on the login screen.

If the upgrade fails, log in to the Address Manager Administration Console and look for an error message in the /var/log/install_detail.log file, or follow these steps to download the install_detail.log file.

To download the install_detail.log file from Address Manager:

  1. Select the Administration tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on, so select the tab again to ensure you're on the Administration page.
  2. Under Tracking, click Log Management.
  3. Click the System Logs tab.
  4. Select the install_detail.log check box, click Action and select Download Selected.
  5. At the prompt, Open or Save the log file. Scan the log to determine the reason the upgrade failed.
When you've identified the cause of the upgrade failure, complete one of the following to remediate the issue:
  • Address Manager database—reduce the size of the Address Manager database to less than 60GB.
  • Disk partitions—set the size of any data partitions to larger than or equal to the size of the Address Manager database (a backup of the database is taken during the upgrade process).
    Note: If you require any help performing this upgrade, contact BlueCat Customer Care.