Breaking and resetting database replication - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Break and reset database replication when you want to disable replication on your servers and return the Primary and Standby servers to stand-alone operation. First, use the Address Manager GUI on the Primary server to break replication. This will return the Primary server to stand-alone operation, and turn the Standby servers into Removed Standby servers that must be reset. After breaking replication in the Primary server GUI, use the Administration Console (CLI) on Standby servers to reset replication and return them to standalone operation. After completing these steps, all servers will be in stand-alone mode and database replication can be reconfigured.

Note: You must be an Address Manager administrator to break database replication.
Note: If the Primary Address Manager server is offline, refer to Forcibly resetting database replication.
  1. Break database replication and return the Primary server to stand-alone operation:
    1. Login as an administrator to the web GUI of the Primary Address Manager server.
    2. Select the Administration tab. Tabs remember the page on which you last worked, so select the Administration tab again to ensure you are working on the Administration page.
    3. Under Data Management, click Database Management.
    4. Click Database Replication.
    5. Click the Database Replication menu and select Break.
    6. Click Confirm.
      Once confirmed, the database replication break initiates and the database replication status changes to "Break is in progress". Once the database replication status changes to Disabled, the Primary Address Manager server has been returned to stand-alone operation. Proceed to resetting the Standby server(s).
  2. Reset replication on the Standby server(s):
    1. Connect to the Address Manager Administration Console (CLI) on the Standby server. For instructions on how to connect to the Administration Console, refer to Using the Administration Console.
    2. Log in as the administrator.
    3. From Main Session mode, type configure database and press ENTER.
    4. Type reset replication and press ENTER.
    5. Type yes and press ENTER to confirm the replication reset. The following message appears when the server is set to standalone mode: Reset replication successful: now a standalone server.
    6. Repeat the Administration Console reset steps above for additional Standby servers. Each Standby server must be reset individually.
After performing the steps above, all servers have been returned to standalone operation and contain the information that was replicated until the break was performed.
Note: After resetting replication on the Standby servers via the Administration Console, scheduled deployment on the Standby servers is disabled.
Note: After breaking replication, BlueCat recommends performing a full deployment to all managed DNS/DHCP Servers.