Configuring VLAN tagging from the Administration Console - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Use interface configuration mode to add or remove VLAN interfaces or bonding interfaces.

VLAN interfaces can be added from the Address Manager user interface or the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console. BlueCat recommends configuration of VLAN interfaces from the Address Manager user interface. If VLAN must be configured before adding a BDDS to BAM, such as for the configuration of a VLAN primary address, use the following instructions to configure VLAN interfaces with the Administration Console.
  • DNS/DHCP Servers currently managed by Address Manager must be removed from Address Manager control prior to configuring VLAN interfaces from the Administration Console.

Use show interfaces from Main Session mode to display the current interface configuration. The Administration Console will display the details of physical interfaces, VLAN interfaces, and bonding interfaces, including any configured additional IP addresses (either on the physical or virtual interfaces). Enter interface configuration mode from Main Session mode with the configure interfaces command.

Adonis> show interfaces
    IPv4 Addresses   (Primary)
    Active = on
    Active = on
    Active = off
    IPv4 Addresses (Management)
    Active = on
    Active = off
Dedicated Management = Enabled
Management Interface = eth2
Service Interface = eth0

Press Tab to view a list of available commands, or type ? to view a description of each available item:

The following commands are available after entering interface configuration mode:
  • Add—add a VLAN interface.
  • Exit—exit from Interfaces Configuration mode.
  • Help—display help information.
  • History—display the current session’s command line history.
  • Modify—edit interface parameters.
  • Remove—delete a specific VLAN/bonding interface.
  • Set—set the system settings.
  • Show—view interface details.