Getting helpful command information - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Search for information available for each kind of command.

After logging in to the Administration Console, you can use ?, help or Tab Completion to get helpful information for commands.

Using ?

type ? to see the list of available commands in Main Session mode.

Using the help command

The help command shows a description of available commands. Type help and press ENTER. A detailed list of the available commands will display.

You can access help at any time while using the Administration Console. Each item in Configuration Mode has a help command.

Using Tab Completion

You can also use Tab Completion to help you find commands, parameters, and syntax within the Administration Console and see a list of options available for the command mode you are in.
  • Type part of the command and press Tab. A list of valid commands or options will display.
    Proteus:configure:network> show 
    default-gateway  static-routes  unsaved
    Proteus:configure:network> show 
  • Pressing Tab after typing the first few letters of the command or a parameter completes the word being typed or lists all available commands or parameters matching the typed letters.
    Proteus:configure:network> s
    save set show

Viewing command history

Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to review a list of the commands you have used in Administration Console.

Press ENTER to issue the command again or edit the command to modify it, when the command you want to use again appears.