Monitoring Address Manager health - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

When monitoring BAM using SNMP, BlueCat recommends polling the following SNMP Objects to monitor the health of the system.

Each BAM MIB (management information base) OID (object identifier) begins with the following prefix of network management object identifiers:


That represent

Note: The following table is not an exhaustive list of available SNMP MIBs. For more information of all SNMP MIBs available in BAM, refer to Address Manager polled objects .
SNMP Object OID Description
.startTime . BAM application start-up date and time
.version . BAM version
.maxPoolSize . Maximum number of database connections maintained at a given time
.numConnections . Number of database connections currently in use
.replicationStatusTable .
Note: Only applies to BAM v9.0.0 and later running database replication.
Information about servers in replication. The object returns a table that contains a list of Standby servers with their associated hostname, IPv4 address, the current latency (in seconds), the replication health, and the replication role.
  • Major Alert if the value reaches the Warning Threshold (default 3600 seconds) value.
  • Critical Alert if the value reaches the Critical Threshold (default 86400 seconds) value.
.messagesReceived . Number of notification messages received
.freeMemory . Total amount of free memory in the Java Virtual Machine (in kilobytes)
.maxMemory . Maximum amount of free memory in the Java Virtual Machine (in kilobytes)
.activeThreadCount . Number of currently active Java threads