IP Allocation Overlay use cases - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Each visualization map is color-coded with different color schemes. By looking at the density of the color for blocks and networks, you can identify which networks or dates were busy or not busy (depending on the type of tree map). This visual representation of your network database will allow you to explore and identify any potential issues easily.

The main benefits of the IP Allocation Overlay map are:
  • Visual representation of the entire network in a tree-map orientation, providing instant overview of your IP utilization in blocks and networks.
  • Overlay of IP allocation percentage for each block and network.
  • View detailed information for each block or network, including the IP address range, description, type, allocation percentage, IP Count, Capacity, DHCP or Static IP, DNS Deployment Roles, DNS Deployment Options.

Identifying under-utilized networks

By looking at the density of the color on the IP Allocation Overlay map, you will instantly notice which networks are under-utilized in relation to another. If a network under the same block appears to be a lot less-utilized than other networks, then that can be an area that your network team may want to investigate further, and decide to re-size in order to reclaim valuable network space. In the following example, you will notice that Network H is less used than other networks in Department D. This particular network is only being used up to 9.4% of its capacity. In order to save and better allocate resources, the network team might want to examine this network.

Similarly, you can also compare the usage of networks in different department within the same organization. The following example shows that the Department C is utilizing networks a lot less than the Department D.

Identifying networks reaching maximum capacity

Because the IP Allocation Overlay map displays your entire network structure, you can easily identify networks being utilized much more than other networks. If a network is running out of IP space, a proactive action can be taken. In the following example, Network A has reached its maximum capacity. The IP Allocation Overlay map allows you to notice instantly which network spaces needs attention.

Global view of your entire network structure

Get a global, qualitative view of the entire network space, and identify networks that could be candidates for review and further action by the network team.