Address Manager software updates - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Apply major, minor, patch, or hotfix software updates to the Address Manager server.

If you are performing a major software update to Address Manager v9.4.0, you can perform a direct update from software version 9.2.0 or greater only. If you are running Address Manager v9.1.0 or earlier, you must first update to Address Manager v9.2.0 or greater before performing the update to Address Manager v9.4.0

Address Manager v9.4.0 supports DNS/DHCP Server appliances and virtual machines running software version 9.2.0 or greater only. BlueCat recommends that customers updating to Address Manager v9.4.0 also update any managed DNS/DHCP Servers to software v9.2.0 or greater in order to ensure proper continuity and functionality of services.

Address Manager updates are delivered as two components:
  • A tar.gz file containing the software patch.
  • A .key file that verifies the integrity of the patch file.

If you have received an update file and public security key file from BlueCat Customer Care, you can apply the update by uploading the files to Address Manager from your workstation. The public security key verifies the validity of the update file and must be provided when uploading the update file.

When you apply an update, Address Manager migrates the configuration data from your earlier version of Address Manager to the updated version, so that the new release is functionally equivalent to the previous release.

Note: Address Manager doesn't migrate local backup files from the earlier version of Address Manager to the updated version. We recommend that you configure database backups to send backup files to a remote location, or that you move your local backup files before updating your system.

If you apply an update with database replication enabled, the update applies to the Primary and Standby servers in parallel. The update on the Standby servers won't complete until the Primary server has completed the update. Once the Primary server has completed the update, you can view the update progress of the Standby server. For more information, refer to Viewing the update progress report.