Automatic DNSSEC Validation - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Use the DNSSEC Validation deployment option to set automatic DNSSEC validation.

The DNSSEC Validation deployment option with a value of Auto enables DNSSEC validation using the default trust anchor for the DNS root zone. This deployment option can be set at the configuration, view, or server level, and should be set for any server to which signed zones are deployed.

To set automatic DNSSEC Validation:

  1. Select the Servers tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on, so select the tab again to ensure you're on the Configuration information page.
  2. Under Servers, click a server name. The Details tab for the server opens.
  3. Click the Deployment Options tab.
  4. Under Deployment Options, click New and select DNS Option.
  5. From the Option list, select DNSSEC Validation. The fields for the DNSSEC Validation option appear.
  6. Select the Auto option.
  7. Under Change Control, add comments, if required.
  8. Click Add.