Multi-version DNS/DHCP Server compatibility - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

This topic describes the supported functionality between servers running different software versions.

Address Manager v9.4.0 supports the indicated functionality on managed servers running the following versions of DNS/DHCP Server software:
Address Manager software version Add Server Replace Server Edit Server Delete Server Upgrade Server
v9.4.0 v9.4.0 v9.4.0 v9.4.0 v9.4.0 N/A
v9.3.0 v9.3.0 v9.3.0 v9.3.0 v9.3.0
v9.2.0 v9.2.0 v9.2.0 v9.2.0 v9.2.0
Note: BlueCat advises customers running DNS/DHCP Server v9.1.0 or earlier to upgrade to software version 9.4.0 to ensure continued support of all server-related functionality.