Locking or unlocking a user account - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

To lock or unlock user accounts:

  1. Select the Administration tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on, so select the tab again to ensure you're on the Administration page.
  2. Under User Management, click Users and Groups.
  3. Under Users, select the check box for one or more non-administrative users you want to lock, or for locked users you want to unlock.
  4. Click Action and select Lock Users or Unlock Users.
    The Lock Users or Unlock Users page opens. The Applicable Users section lists the users you have selected to lock or unlock.
  5. Under Change Control, add comments, if required.
  6. Click Yes.
The locked users can't log in to the Address Manager web interface. If a user is logged in when you apply the lock, the user’s session is closed. The unlocked users can now log in to Address Manager.