Maintenance of unassociated MAC addresses - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Starting in BlueCat Address Manager v9.3.0, Media Access Control (MAC) address records are cleaned up to prevent the gradual accumulation of unlinked records that could make the Address Manager user interface slow to respond or navigate.

Each MAC address is classified in two ways:

  1. context of its creation
  2. whether it has any association to other objects or user-defined values

The typical types of associations are with an IP address and a MAC pool.

Any MAC address record which was created automatically as a part of either lease-notification or reconciliation-discovery, and is no longer associated with any other object and has no user-defined values will be automatically deleted as and when it loses its last association or user-defined value.

Note: Users should be aware that an action such as deleting an IP address, deleting a Mac Pool, and removing user-defined values may cause such an automatic deletion for a MAC Address created automatically and was associated with the deleted object or value.

The MAC addresses created in any other way, such as manually via the GUI or API, are not subject to this automatic deletion. Additionally, when an IP address linked to a MAC address is released, the MAC address is not deleted.

Before this feature, there was no automatic mechanism to clean up those unassociated MAC addresses, causing performance issues; hence, customers needed to run a MAC cleanup script manually.