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Summary of the iDRAC6 web interface functions.

Important: This section applies to iDRAC6 only. If you require reference material on the iDRAC7 web interface, contact

The iDRAC6 web interface displays functions and controls as determined by your choices in the tree-view on the left of the page, and then under tabs across the top of the page.

Note: Select the item in the tree-view, and then click a tab to show its options. Click Help to show additional information about each function.

The following tables provide a summary of the iDRAC6 web interface functions.

System Items

Tab Function Description
Properties System summary Shows the condition of batteries, temperature, voltage, and power monitoring. Previews, and allows access to the Virtual Console (Enterprise version only). Shows the system description, BIOS version, service tag, host name, OS name. Launches often-used tasks. Shows recently-logged events.
System Details Shows details of the server chassis and of iDRAC6 including MAC addresses, IPv4, and IPv6 configuration.
Setup First Boot Device Changes the boot device order, selects the first boot device.
Remote Syslog Settings Sets the remote syslog settings that allow logs to be written to an external syslog server.
Power Power Control Turns the system off or on, performs a power cycle or a graceful shutdown.
Power Budget Shows the minimum and maximum power levels for the server. Sets a power capping limit.
Logs System Event Log (hardware events) Saves the log as file, clears the log, prints or refreshes the log.
Post Code Shows details of when the server was last booted through power-on self-test.
Last Crash Screen Shows a snapshot of information when the system last crashed.
Boot Capture Plays recordings of the last three boot cycles.
Alerts Platform Events Configures the action to be taken if specific hardware fails. Sets up which failures generate an alert to SNMP destinations.
Trap Settings Configures IPv4 or IPv6 address of SNMP hosts for trap settings.
E-mail Alert Settings Configures e-mail addresses to receive alert messages.
Console/Media (Proteus 3300 and Proteus 5500) Virtual Console and Virtual Media Shows the remote console and virtual media information. Click Launch Viewer to access the Virtual Console.
Configuration Configures your remote console and virtual media information.
VFlash SD Card Displays and configures properties of the VFlash card plugged into the SD card slot of the server.
Remote File Share Remote File Share Specifies an image file in a remote file share, and mounts it using Network File System or Common Internet File System.

Remote Access Items

Tab Function Description
Properties iDRAC Information Shows the attributes and values of iDRAC6.
Network/Security Network Configures network settings.
Users Configures users settings.
Directory Service Configures iDRAC directory service.
SSL Generates a certificate signing request to send a certificate authority.
Active Directory Configures the active directory settings.
Serial Configures the serial interface.
Serial Over LAN Configures serial over lan settings.
Services Views and changes the iDRAC interface. Includes local configuration, web server, Telnet, RACADM, and SNMP settings.
Smart Card Configures Smart Card login.
Logs iDRAC Logs Shows identity, time, and IP address of whoever logged in. Prints or saves as a file.
Update Firmware Update Updates or rolls back iDRAC firmware.
Session Management Sessions Shows who is currently logged in to iDRAC.
Troubleshooting Identify Identifies the server you are communicating with by blinking an LED on the front and rear panel.
Diagnostics Console Allows you to diagnose iDRAC hardware by typing commands and clicking Submit. Resets the iDRAC.

Other Tree-view Items

Item Description
Batteries Shows the current condition of CMOS and ROMB batteries.
Fans Shows the redundancy status and rpm of fans.
Intrusion Shows chassis open or closed status.
Power Supplies Shows the status of optional redundant power supplies.
Removable Flash Media Shows the location and status of removable Flash media.
Temperatures Shows the temperature probe reading from the system board.
Voltages Shows the voltage status at multiple points in the server.
Power Monitoring Shows the power consumption, current, and available headroom. Shows graphs of power consumption and current over a selectable period.
LCD Shows the current message displayed on the front panel LCD.

Virtual Console Items

The following table provides a summary of the functions available from the drop-down menu at the top of the iDRAC6 Virtual Console.

Item Function
Virtual Media Launch Virtual Media
File Capture to file
View Refresh
Full Screen
Macros Ctrl-Alt-Del
Alt-F1 to Alt-F12
Ctrl-Alt-F1 to Ctrl-Alt-F12
Tools Session Options
Single Cursor
Power Power on System
Power off System
Graceful Shutdown
Reset System (warm boot)
Power Cycle System (cold boot)
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