Object types and user-defined fields - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Information and settings in Address Manager are handled as individual objects. An object contains information that describes the options and parameters defined for a setting or a managed IP or DNS item.

Object types contain individual fields. Fields contain information about an object, such as display names, data values, and other attributes. Objects are arranged as a hierarchy or tree structure that defines their parent-child relationships. Child objects usually inherit attributes from their parent object, such as user-defined fields and access rights.

Administrators can review and work with object types and fields on the Object Types page. For more information, refer to Viewing object types.

Administrators can add user-defined fields to each of the Address Manager object types. Use these custom fields to capture and track information associated with objects when the information for each object is unique. User-defined fields are used only within Address Manager and aren't deployed to managed servers. For more information, refer to Adding a user-defined field (UDF).

These are some examples of custom fields:
  • A Serial Number field to track equipment serial numbers for device objects.
  • A Cubicle Number field to associate with IP address objects to indicate the physical location of a host.
  • A Rack Number field to associate with server objects to indicate the physical location of a managed server.