Network settings - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Set gateways for IPv4 and IPv6 networks and virtual addresses.

Enter Configuration mode for network settings with the configure network command. The configure network command allows you to change the default IPv4 and IPv6 gateways and add static routes.

You can also view general and specific network settings, including gateways and virtual addresses from the Main Session mode of the Administration Console. Use show network from Main Session mode. A list of IPv4 and IPv6 network gateways will display.

Proteus> show network
IPv4 Gateway =
IPv6 Gateway = 2001:db8::1
  • You can't configure interface and network settings of DNS/DHCP Server appliances that are part of a functioning xHA pair. Configure interface and network settings before creating a high availability pair.
  • You can't configure interfaces if the DNS/DHCP Server is under Address Manager control. Remove the DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control to configure interfaces.
  • You can't configure interfaces if network redundancy (bonding) is enabled. Disable redundancy from the Administration Console to configure interfaces. Disabling bonding will also remove the DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control.
Press Tab to view a list of available commands, or type ? to view a description of each available item:
  • add—add an IPv4 or IPv6 static route to the routing table.
  • exit—exit from network configuration mode.
  • help—display help information.
  • history—display the current session’s command line history.
  • remove default-gateway—delete the IPv4 or IPv6 default gateway from the routing table.
  • remove static-route—delete an IPv4 or IPv6 static route from the routing table.
  • reset—reset all interface configurations to factory settings (DNS/DHCP Server only).
    Note: Use with caution. Running the reset command will result in loss of network connectivity.
  • save—save changes for the network.
  • set—set an IPv4 or IPv6 default gateway.
  • show—display network details.
  • show default gateway—display network details.
  • show static-routes—display network details.