Managing resource records - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

New resource records are created on the Resource Record tab of a zone. Address Manager supports the following types of resource records.

Resource Record Type Description
Host Record Designates an IP address for a device. A new host requires a name and an IP address. Multiple addresses may exist for the same device.
Mail Exchanger Record Designates the host name and preference for a mail server or exchanger. An MX record requires a name and a priority value. Priorities with a lower numeric value are chosen first in assessing delivery options.
CNAME Alias Record Specifies an alias for a host name. The alias record type requires a name.
Service Record Defines services available within a zone, such as LDAP. A service record requires a name, priority, port, and weight. A lower priority value indicates precedence. The port value indicates the port on which the service is available. The weight value is used when multiple services have the same priority value; a higher weight value indicates precedence.
HINFO Host Info Record Specifies optional text information about a host. The host info record includes CPU and OS information.
TXT Text Record Associates arbitrary text with a host name. A text record includes name and text information. This record is used to support record types such as those used in Sender Policy Framework (SPF) e-mail validation.