Configuring DNS/DHCP Server services on an xHA pair - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

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BlueCat Address Manager
The following table lists the configuration DNS/DHCP Server services and indicates whether the service can be configured on DNS/DHCP Servers operating in an xHA pair:
DNS/DHCP Server service Supported on xHA Additional information
Additional IP addresses No  
Anycast No  
BlueCat Gateway No  
DHCP Statistics Yes  
DNS Activity Yes  
DNS Edge Service Point No  
DNS name servers Yes  
DNS Statistics Yes  
DNS/DHCP Server firewall Partially The Allow Ping option is not supported on xHA pairs.
NTP Yes  
SNMP Yes  
SSH No  
Syslog redirection Yes  

For more information on configuring individual DNS/DHCP Server services, refer to Configuring DNS/DHCP Server services.