Grouping and ungrouping data - BlueCat Integrity - 9.4.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

When the tree contains a very large number of items, Address Manager automatically groups items together to make the tree more compact. This reduces the number of objects you must scroll through, so the tree becomes easier to use.

In this example, a /8 block is divided into 256 /24 networks. The networks appear in groups of 50.

Address Manager groups items in the tree view according to the page size you select in the section of the page. The default page size is 50. When the number of items in the tree view exceeds the default or selected page size, Address Manager groups the items together.

By default, large numbers of items are always grouped. You can ungroup the items and you can set the size of the groups.

To group data in the tree view:

  1. Click Settings and select Group Data. This refreshes the tree view and collapses the tree.
  2. Click an expand icon to expand the tree. Items are grouped together by either the default page size or the page size selected in the table view. This example shows part of a /8 block divided into 256 /24 networks.

  3. To ungroup the data, click Settings and select Ungroup Data.